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The return of the Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boots are back and they are more fashionable than ever!

"The Texans - along with the Ugg and the indians (read: squaw boots, arghh!) -are therefore by right in the particular, selected category of summer boots: #muchwelikethem!"

"Those proposed for this summer are extreme, with metal inserts and the tip very pronounced."

"The colors range from sand - very western - to the classic black for the more "citizen" models, without forgetting a touch of eccentric gold and of course the total white, the color of the moment in terms of boots."

"The cowboy boots are perfect paired with denim, suede, but above all romantic and floral prints to create a contrast from a true fashionista.
This is how the trendsetter Caroline Daur teaches, who combined the cowboy boots with fluttering dresses, all tulle and ruffles."