Hinge Smock Waist Midi Skirt

Midi skirt- how to choose it based on the body

"The midi skirt has a great value and a big flaw: if on one side it is very chic and feminine, it is also true that it lowers the figure by cutting the legs. How to choose the right model based on the silhouette?...
The most worn midi skirts are 3: the midi cigarette skirt, the midi bell skirt, and the midi skirt "A". What unites them is the length: a real midi skirt has the hem starting from 5 cm below the knee and can reach up to mid-calf or a little more. Its beauty is just that: its length a little 'back that recalls the 50s skirts, of great charm.

Hourglass body shape that has shoulders and hips of the same width and very thin waist, because with the midi skirt you put in full emphasis the value of this figure, namely the wasp waist. All three models of midi skirt are good for an hourglass woman.

Rectangle body shape that has shoulders, waist and hips, all on the same line, because the fact that the midi skirt is a bit 'bell helps this silhouette to recreate the curves where there are not! To the rectangle woman are fine models A and bell, to avoid the cigarette!

Apple body shape because the width of the skirt visually rebalances the full bust and the broad shoulders typical of this figure, compared to the thin hips and legs. To the apple woman, like the rectangle one, the A and bell models are fine, to avoid the cigarette one instead.

The midi skirt should be avoided the oval body shape because of the excess pounds on the abdomen. The midi skirt is beautiful worn with the marked and visible waist (in the A and bell models), and high waistband (in the cigarette model).

Then, beyond the body shape, there are other characteristics of the body to take into account to bring the midi skirt, let's see them one by one.

When height is to be desired

If your problem is height there are two foolproof remedies to wear the midi skirt well:
Do not detach too much in terms of colors between the skirt, legs and shoes.
Wear it with high heels, maybe even with a little 'plateau (but absolutely not with ankle boots!). As for the fabric, it only tries not to choose a too thick and thick one, which makes volume and tends to lower and enlarge the figure. If you are small and thin you can safely carry all three models. With a few extra pounds instead of the cigarette one.

Being tall

If you are tall, you can indulge yourself with midi skirts because you can feel really good, in all 3 versions. Pay attention only to fabrics, based on your build: if it is full and soft, try to avoid structured, rigid and thick fabrics, and opt for thinner fabrics that glide on the hips. On the contrary, if you are very thin, you will opt for rich and full-bodied fabrics. The beauty of being tall is that you can wear the midi skirt even with low shoes (how wonderful with romantic pointy dancers!) And with ankle boots.

Big legs and ankles

If calves and ankles are not your forte, because they are muscular and full with ankles with voluminous bones, a ploy is to wear the midi skirt with boots or very opaque socks... Avoid both completely flat shoes and shoes with ankle strap. Do not create color differences between skirt, leg and shoe: in winter it plays a solid color (as Victoria Beckham does in total black) or tone-on-tone. In the summer with the bare leg she opts for a nice pair of décolleté or flesh-colored sandals, as close as possible to your skin color. Do not add volume to volume: your midi skirt will be a thin fabric that caresses your lower body, and not structured and thick, for the rest you have free way on all 3 models.

Full hips and thighs

If the hips are wide and the thighs are shapely, the model of midi skirt that works more is that of the bell. Opt for fabrics that slip on the shapes and caress them, and avoids too thick and structured fabrics.
Beware of large and very contrasting color fantasies, because they add visual volume that you would rather minimize, these bright prints work well on very thin people.
As you can see there is a midi skirt suitable for any physicality..."donnamoderna.com