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High heels without suffering? There is a quick trick to figuring out which choose

"Buying high heeled shoes is an activity that requires a certain amount of courage, especially online.
How many times have you happened to be wrong in your assessments about the thickness of the heel and their height and believed to be hyper comfortable models? The disappointment from high heels is so strong as to induce a vow of immediate penance: sneakers all life.

You will see that after knowing this quick trick you will never suffer with high heels. Centimeters always count, only the measuring areas change.
Do you know the distance between the heel rubber and the beginning of the sole of the shoe? That's the hot zone to consider.
If the distance between these two points is about 3 centimeters, you can be sure to spend happy hours over your favorite stilts. On the contrary, the distance between the sole and heel is shortened, therefore between 2 and 2.5 centimeters, the angle of the foot increases, as well as the total weight is burdening the fingertips and the bones between the ankle and the toes.
But how to calculate this magic measure when you do online shopping? Simple! Measure the photo to a monitor with a meter and try to compare it with other models with the heel for sale. If the distance between the heel and the sole is smaller than the other models measured, then you may see the stars, but of pain..." Cosmopolitan.com