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Floral prints for 2018 and How to Wear Florals

"Matching floral motifs is really a girls' game ... but they're girls with style! The key word is a: have fun. As? Daring! The flower prints must be lightly worn and with a touch of lightness, bringing the flowers back to that connotation of cheerful magic that is also felt in the smell of perfumed petals. Go ahead for the most daring pairings therefore: who said that two different fantasies can not be approached? Well, this spring is absolutely granted, so get crazy. Flowers and polka dots, flowers and stripes, flowers with other flowers ... the strange couples are really so many! An example? A skirt or a pair of cropped pants with maxi flowers motif in bright colors can be easily combined with a striped sweater that takes up a dominant color of the fantasy. Et voilĂ  ... a super glamor mood outfit is served! A great classic is then the combination with neutral tones, such as white or black, but if you are looking for a really cool effect, focus on the mix and match of cuts and styles: a maxi skirt with delicate florals will marry perfectly with heeled ankle boots with a crop top stolen from sportswear. Do not forget that the flowers are perfect for any type of ceremony. For the most elegant occasions, opt for a whole dress with a vaguely vintage feel with colorful flowers and choose neutral accessories that accompany it with discretion, enhancing the role of undisputed protagonist." donnamoderna.com

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