Floral Dresses Favorites

Focus on the little floral dress

"Beautiful fields ... yes but also beautiful cities thanks to the flowery dress! This printed dresses come in different designs and has become a must-have in our wardrobe. But how to wear and accessorize this floral dress?"
Feminine and distinguished, the flower pattern dress becomes a must-have piece. Daisies, roses, cherry blossoms ... the little dress is adorned with a multitude of flowers and styles. From the small house in the meadow to the Japanese spirit dress and a dress with tropical patterns, the floral dress is especially inviting piece in our dressing room. Emblematic, it is about to dethrone our sober little black dress. Dare the floral dress to brighten his look in the blink of an eye, yes, but still need to accessorize to highlight the elegance of this fashion piece.
Which flower dress to choose?
The pattern of the flower depends largely on your taste (and your daring) but especially on your build. A large flower pattern like a flat flower covering the entire dress is more suitable for slim women who want to round and give a thick silhouette. For these women with fine build, loose dresses with large flower patterns are ideal for bringing relief as the dresses with floral laser cut prints.
Otherwise, the small and fine patterns can be used to attract or divert attention to a part of our body. These dresses are perfect for curvier women who want to capture attention. Some dotted flowers on the collar, sleeves or the bottom of the dress are used to focus the eye on some parts to hide for example a small rounded belly. It is obviously necessary to take care to avoid tapestry and favor fluid materials. It is also necessary to avoid the glossy materials which are likely to give a magnifying effect but one can play on the transparency or the cleavage.
Short or maxi, the flower dress is suitable for all women. You just have to adapt the pattern to your body shape. If the short dress is suitable for all sizes, the long dress is often reserved for larger sizes to elongate amd make a figure look more slender. However, the long floral dress has the advantage of being perfectly suited to small sizes by breaking this sensation of infinite height. It rebalances the silhouette without packing it. It brings a bohemian and folk touch to women of all sizes. The long dress is not reserved for just curvier women and it remains ideal in summer. A tip: a belt is perfect to mark the silhouette and shoes with heels or wedges are essential.
How to wear a floral dress in winter?
Autumn is here and winter is beating on our doorstep! The flower dress is not to be relegated to our closets. In winter, it allows to adopt a happy look by honoring the flowers that are sorely lacking in our landscapes in this season... The little dress adorned with flowers can be married with tights more or less thick depending on the thermometer, a long vest in large mesh or a cozy sweater such as very popular this season a slogan sweater, even a nice cashmere sweater.