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Floral Prints: A must-have this spring

The flower-power trends is vividly highlighted in the fashion collection for spring-summer 2018.
"The floral prints come to us from ancient times and most fascinating cultures. It must be said that today's jaw-dropping inspirations in the world of fashion are simply grand references from the past. This is especially true of flower prints, which are rooted in truly remote worlds. When we think of flowers on fabrics in fact, in a moment we return with the memory of the opulence of the triumph of decorations born from the inspiration of Madame Pompidour, the sumptuous clothes of the Tudor era, the velvets embroidered with corollas in the Italian Renaissance. These are just some of examples.

In fact, even scrolling images that come from distant worlds, such as Iranian silks, Japanese female kimonos, and even American patchwork quilts, with which women who have been burdened with a life of work and danger have been able to transform domestic work into art and story.

All this has been collected by the masters of fashion, who have made exclusive packages with a romantic and refined allure starting from the 50s. The first of the great ones to be inspired by flowers was Christian Dior, who in 1947 presented his first collection of haute couture and his Miss Dior, a fragrance with a floral soul and a delicate image. But it was certainly not the only one. The dresses characterized by impalpable flowers of tulle and organza became iconic. How to forget, for example, the floral dress with the delicate rigor shown by Grace Kelly in Paris in 1955? And the dress strewn with roses created for Audrey Hepburn in "Cinderella in Paris" by the genius of Hubert de Givenchy in 1957? Indelible images in the history of fashion, there are no doubts, which continue to influence the collections of today.

The flowers that have characterized the leaders of the most recent decades have been able to take on the most varied of faces. We admired them in their most natural dress, full of charm and romantic and feminine allure like no other. We have known the most scathing and post-punk side thanks to the Riot Grrrls and the most irreverent trends of the 90s, characterized by oversized masculine but sensual garments. We have appreciated them in a more modern and abstract, with geometric lines that provide the chic and contemporary touch. Finally we breathed a lively and exotic climate, thanks to colorful tropical flowers with simple lines that seem stolen from naive art. And it's not all yet. The floral trends over the years have been interpreted with different techniques starting from the most classic print characterized by "pictorial" brushstrokes, through the sequins-jewel or for the patchwork effects, up to the use of flowers in bright color blocking motifs. At this point, the question seems obligatory: how will we wear the florage this year?.." donnamoderna.com