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The 70s Look

Everything about the retro look for men

How to have a retro look of the 30s, 50s and 60s?

Are you a vintage fashion fan? So how do you wear a retro look when you are a man? We decode for you the styles of the 1930s, 50s and 60s.

"What if you offered a trip back in time? Since fashion follows the evolution of society while being an eternal rotation, we regularly see reappearing looks that have made fury in the past decades. In men, the retro look of the 1950s is always popular. But it's not enough to bring out the clothes of your father or grandfather to have a beautiful vintage style. You have to have the right accessories and the right clothes to get the class. In short, follow the guide!

Understand the retro fashion for men

Why a retro trend? We talk about retro or vintage when we draw in the dressing rooms of our parents or grandparents to create a look "contemporary past".

A little more explanation? As we have said, the past decades have been so rich in creations that we can inspire and update their looks. Without the tax of "counterfeit" or pale copy, the retro trend can finish what our ancestors have not had time to do and take for stars like James Dean, Elvis Presley or Richard Burton ...

In this little game of time travel, men's fashion puts the spotlight on the looks of the 30's, 50's and 60's. But we can see that the further we go in time, the more the 1970s to the 90s come back to point. the tip of their nose. So, it's up to you!

But we note that, the more we advance in the time and the more the years 1970 to 90 keep on returning.

The look of the 1930s

Imagine yourself in the Chicago of Al Capone. The black market and the prohibition reign as masters, the Black Thursday of 1929 had wreaked havoc. But not on the look of the men. To blend in completely into the time, you need a white slim fit shirt or straight fit(we can forget the straigh cut of the time,we must live in our time.)

The costume was the way to dress. Choose-the dark in color in tweed. To finalize your look of the 30s, you need a jacket, suspenders and a borsalino. A tie is not necessary, but a silk scarf of silk is for the bad boy of the beautiful neighborhoods. And here you are, part of the 30s!

The look of the 1950s

Ah, the 1950s! A time where people wanted the renewal and to forget the horrors of the war. ... The years of Elvis and the myth of James Dean also.

To adopt to movements, just retrieve your high school years. A Levi's jeans 501 straight cut will be the piece headlight of this look. Add a t-shirt uni in cotton and elastane, placed under a jacket academic style.

For shoes? Nothing could be simpler, the pair of Converse, who throne in your dressing. It is absolutely essential to have a pair black or white one. For a touch a little more special, you can add to this look of the years 50 a backpack in leather and fabric. You are dressed to visit a new era!

The look of the 1960s

The revolution is on. The people are more self-assured and dare to bring forward their body. The bell-bottoms have come out. For the man of today, that is flared jeans The bootcut style will complete the look. Let's not forget the very slim shirts in satin and paisley. Try to avoid the mistakes of the past. Let's keep the slim fit and add a small classic Italian collar. Adorns all this with a Kashmir pattern silk scarf.

Finally, for a perfect look of the 1960s and to well anchore the time, do not forget the key "kitsch": a waistcoat in large mesh of wool and a short leather jacket. And now, you are at the heart of the hippie years!

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