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How to wear trendy jaquard patterns

"Luxury, opulence, 3D textures ... in a word jacquard! A journey to discover the most regal fabric of the wardrobe, among its most precious embroideries and its most complex geometries.

Do you dream of feeling like Marie Antoinette from time to time, wrapped in gold weaves and sumptuous elaborate embroidered fabrics? The right answer is jacquard, a work that gives life to perfect fabrics that amaze with special effects. The latest trends bring forward jacquard in its most precious garments: brocade and damask illuminate entire wardrobe and sweaters with refined geometries warm up linear outfits making them comfy chic with a single, very special touch. Curious to know more? Follow us on this short journey through the most precious fantasies of all time, to learn to know, love and wear jacquard without committing style slips.

Characteristics of the jacquard fabric

A particular and complex fabric, obtained however in a simple way. Jacquard, as we know it today, in fact embodies opulence, luxury, royalty: it is rich fabrics, characterized by sophisticated textures that instantly recall the taste of various splits of centuries of fashion. From the sparkling brocades that recall the ancient splendor of Versailles, as well as the refined embroidery in gold and velvet with a 3D effect up to knitwear, with its complex geometric weaves from the '70s ... jacquard fabrics today seem indeed to dress up any taste or style!

Jacquard: the history

Jacquard. A process with simple history, but a fundamental spark for fashion as we know it today. It takes its name from Joseph Marie Jacquard, the brilliant inventor of the homonymous frame that has been able to literally revolutionize the textile industry around the world. In fact, it was the very distant 1801 when Monsieur Jacquard brought to light an invention that would have upset the fashion universe over the years: a frame characterized by an exclusive perforated card that allowed the packaging of very complex and elaborate fabrics, but with the help of of only one weaver. Needless to say, since then the wardrobes of women all over the world have not been the same.

Jacquard Trend

The latest trends rediscover the jacquard in all its opulence, for a truly deluxe fashion. You aim straight at the baroque, therefore, to illuminate the overall appearance of coats with decision and with a touch of unexpected. Sumptuous dresses, skirts and coats with important embroideries, sparkling suits ... if you have not chosen the outfit for Christmas yet, jacquard can be a perfect and absolutely trendy choice!.."

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