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The details that make the difference on a shirt

"How can a man stand out with his shirt?
Beyond the cut and the fabric, some details make all the difference on a man's shirt. Collar, cuffs, buttons: how to make the right choice?

What do we recognize a beautiful shirt for men? The cut, of course. A shirt must absolutely be well carved to showcase you. The fabric, too. A nice poplin or a nice linen will always be carry the best effect, unlike a low-end cotton.

But if these two criteria are decisive for making you a stylish man, other details also come into play. And you will see that they are more than just details. Because it is these little things that can make all the difference in your look and help you stand out!

The buttons: from the simplest to the most original

The elegance of a pretty mother-of-pearl button is incomparable. But when one chooses to turn to a bespoke shirt for example, there is a very wide variety of buttons that can bring a twist to your clothes. Metal, wood or even fabric: the material is an excellent solution to give character to your shirt.

But know that it is also possible to accessorize its button. The Button Spirit brand has launched the Eclipse, a little gem that clips directly to the buttons of your shirt (or classic cufflinks). Colorful, fun (in kiwi or ladybug for example!), Arty or chic, this type of accessory can turn the most banal of shirts into ultra-trendy piece.

Embroidery and stitching: the thread that changes everything

In the same way as the buttons, the choice of thread used is an important step in the making of a custom-made shirt. While some opt for a denim shirt with classic dark blue stitching, others will play a more contrasting card and opt for red or water-green stitching!

In the same vein, you are often asked to embroider your initials on your shirt, to make it even more unique. We advise you to avoid this kind of embroidery on the chest (instead of the usual logo). However, the result is as chic as discreet when the letters appear on the collar or wrist.

Collars and cuffs: do not forget the reverse!

There are a multitude of collars for a shirt. Italian, English, mao ... it's up to you depending on the look you want to achieve. In any case, you have to think of having a very rigid collar. To add a touch of originality, you can choose a model whose reverse will have a different color from the rest of the shirt. Thus, a beautiful white or blue shirt will take on a new dimension with a colorful collar interior, striped or liberty pattern for example!

This also applies to the cuffs. The reverse can bring the "little thing and more", as well as the shape. If you hesitate between buttoned cuff and cuff musketeer, we advise the Neapolitan cuff, elegant compromise to these two forms. You will then have the opportunity to fine tune your outfit with cufflinks ... or not!

Pocket square and brooch: watch out for the misstep!

Lovers of the look of dandy can not usually do without a wallet. Often, it takes place in the pocket of the blazer, but it is possible to find it in the pocket of your shirt.

You can also hang a pin (not a pin) on your chest or collar. A leaf or a flower for a romantic chic look, a flag or a crest for an army look or something much more original. But in this case, pay attention to the lack of taste!

Tie or bow tie: always effective

You could not do an article on how to accessorize a shirt without talking about a tie or bowtie. Silk or mesh, plain or patterned, the choice depends again on the image you want to create.

But beyond these "evidences", two other solutions are available to you to break the codes: the tie clip for that "pinched" irreproachable (even seem austere) look or floppy necktie for a result too chic than quirky." Content by

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