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A follower of the English cool, Oliver Spencer also masters the ancestral techniques of British tailoring. While his parade preached a more "sustainable" approach to the garment, we met him in backstage time of 5 questions well felt.
The motto of this collection?

"This collection is dedicated to a modern man, aware of the reality of things. We try to inform our customers about the importance of ethical fashion, and the importance of supporting it."

Your favorite piece of this collection?

The Carrington Jacket in Prince of Wales pink and black! It is incredibly soft thanks to the seersucker in which it is cut, that we are very controlled, and matches very well with many silhouettes, from the most casual to the most sophisticated.

The casting that you have chosen to scroll this season?

"Our casting is, each season, a combination of friends, family and people who have been supporting us for many years. The idea is to have several radically different age groups, faces, morphologies, different colors, to represent the diversity of London today."

What do you think male fashion will look like in the next few years?

"It will be more respectful of the environment. We will also have more and more sophisticated silhouettes, men will tend to dress more smart. Like wearing real shoes, suits, shirts. Which will announce the death of this phase "streetwear" rather quickly."

Do you create (also) for Millenials? What do they represent for you?

"Millennials represent the future, so we create everything for them. But I think our job, as a designer, is to educate them to understand fashion more ethically and environmentally or worker-friendly, and how it should evolve in the future."