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When lingerie fits all women's needs

"Every woman is different and has different needs. Whether round, thin or mom, there is specific lingerie for each of them.

Bras large sizes

Finding lingerie when you're round can sometimes be a real obstacle course. Between some deplorable and frankly not joyful designs, the large size bras are far from unanimous. But fortunately, brands are increasingly trying to imagine beautiful lingerie tailored to the needs of women in plus sizes. For example, avoid at all costs the padded bras that may increase the rebound of the breasts and therefore be much less comfortable. On the contrary, favor triangles with frame but without padding that will perfectly fit your chest.

Bras for small breasts

Do you have a small chest? You're lucky, you can wear almost anything! If you want to win one or two more sizes, you can opt for a push-up bra or a padded bra. Another possibility: the lace triangle without reinforcement. Sexy, elegant and trendy, it will highlight small breasts day and night. It will have all its effect worn under a white blouse or dark transparent one...
Post-operative bras

To allow women affected by breast cancer to keep or regain the pleasure of wearing beautiful lingerie every day, brands now adapt their models to the operated breasts. Without reinforcement, the pieces usually have a cotton lining and are designed without forceps for optimal comfort. These also have a small foam to erase the asymmetry of the breasts. The models further cover the chest to hide scars while offering women a seductive neckline.