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The Empowering Hoop Earrings

Ever more popular and eye-grabbing the extra large hoop earrings seems to claim the podium for empowerment and extra confidence. That and the developments in manufacturing contributing to the larger-than-before look make the hoop earrings demand sky high. “Hoops are empowering,” says the jeweller Orit Elhanati, who claims to be wearing hoop earrings since age 12. “When I think of hoop earrings, I think of strong women, I think of history. They remind me of places like the Middle East, Africa and of course Latin America.” “My hoops are ladylike, but have a masculine rawness to them,” she continues. “It’s very powerful to use jewellery as an identity marker.” The hoop earrings with their appeal and popularity represent not just a bold statement but they also appear to have a more profound cultural importance - “The circle is a symbol of many things — unity, infinity and wholeness, but it is also the symbol of female power, the force in every woman" are the words of Sheherazade Goldsmith, co-founder of Loquet London. “Jewellery is an expression of a woman’s individuality, of her story and what and who she is.”

The hoop will always seem to gravitate towards political power and street culture with its symbolism and versatility.

Coco Chan, head of womenswear at, agrees. “Hoops represent many different heritages and nationalities, which is why they’re relevant at the moment — it’s an embrace of a cultural diversity that’s modern and avoids any clichés,” she says.

"To some extent, fashion is riding the zeitgeist. Latin culture is everywhere, from the current Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, to Sadler’s Wells in London, which this month plays host to the UK premiere of Carmen La Cubana, a new musical from director Christopher Renshaw."

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