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Wear beautiful earrings

"With their almost magical power and their classic as well as sophisticated style, the earrings give a boost to your face and strengthen your confidence. Here are some practical tips for wearing earrings successfully.
Wear earrings to enhance your seducing power.

Wearing earrings can change everything. These small nuggets on each side of your face completely change your appearance. Wear earrings, what's more feminine. To accentuate the oval of your face or to give a radiance to the complexion, the power of this jewel is endless. It will highlight you and make you remarkable ... and noticed!

Wear pierced or clipped earrings?

In our time, this question does not even arise: wearing earring clips, what a nightmare. In the long run, they are very painful, since they maintain a constant pressure on your lobes. Add to that that the variety of clips is generally not very rich and far from being very good taste ... to make it short: avoid them!

The style is of importance

When we decide to wear earrings what is good part is that we have a multitude of choices. They come in shapes and materials infinitely varied.

The pendant

The trend, bears more or less toward long, this type of earrings can brighten up and lengthen the chubbier faces and silhouettes.

Hoop Earrings

Wearing earrings is wearing hoop earrings. Indispensable to any collection of ear jewelery, different sizes, small, medium or large, circular or semicircular, they can adorn your ear in any circumstance.

Stud Earrings

Fixed to ear lobes and very discreet patterns, they will dress your ears with a small stone or a pearl. The stud earrings give the impression of being simply placed on the ear, without visible fixation. It's very chic and most of the time, they agree with all your clothes. In silver, gold, diamond, pearls, stones or brass, there is something for every price and for every taste.

Small precaution to take when wearing tacky earrings. Attention wearing toc earrings can easily cause allergic reactions, mainly due to nickel.

Wear earrings: some extra tips

Because they often cause allergies and irritations, some women can not wear fancy earrings for pierced ears. Fortunately, we have a simple little trick for you. You will finally be able to please you. - Clean your jewelry beforehand with lemon juice. Next, cover the stem that will be in contact with your ear with colorless nail polish to insulate the skin from the nickel. Let dry. The trick is played ... you can do everything beautiful! Do not hesitate, when the varnish flakes to remove it with solvent and to renew the operation. -In order to avoid any infection, you should clean your earrings with alcohol before and after each pose."

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