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White Shirts for Women

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How to wear the white shirt (without looking stuck)?

"With a white shirt, do you think that you will necessarily look wise and serious? Not necessarily. Because this top allows trend looks, provided you feel well with your outfit. How to wear the white shirt with coolness? It's easy and you reveal it.

The white shirt (or blouse for some) is a timeless and elegant classic. Long, short, with or without a collar, curved or loose, of all materials, this small miracle dress has everything to please. Or almost. Its only drawback (with the fact that it is messy)? Give yourself a strict or austere look while you feel ultra relaxed. Following our advice, you will see that you can wear the white shirt without looking like a school teacher.

Wear the white shirt and be cool

For a sportswear look, you can opt for a white enough shirt with V-neck (or some open buttons) associated with jewelry, especially necklaces or chains, rather in warm colors like yellow gold or rose gold. So your white shirt will stand out more.

What white shirt for my body type?

There is a white shirt and a white shirt: between the small fitted cotton shirt and the ample synthetic blouse, there are models as different as there are body shapes. To find the shirt that will fit yours, here are our tips:
- You have small breasts that you want to make a little more round. Choose
white shirts with ruffles or pockets on the chest.
- Alternatevely, if you want to hide a strong chest, prefer the simplest models, loose and with V-necks that stretch the bust.
- In case of little belly to hide, opt for an oversize white shirt model, possibly with some vertical stripes. And pair it with pants close to the body.

An absolute must: for white blouse a bra of skin color

What bra to wear under a white shirt? Especially not a white one! Because under the bright light, a white bra will show. Better to opt for a flesh-colored bra, pulling pink if you have fair skin, to brown if you are more pale brown. Thus, it goes unnoticed under the white fabric."