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"He who dominated the smells dominated the hearts of men"

"This phrase, taken from the book The perfume of Patrick Süskind, came to my mind these days when, with the first warms, the air fills with perfumes.
The intense jasmine that enters from the window of my bedroom, the flowers of pittosporum to the sea, the plants that are reborn in the parks in the city and in the vases on the terraces.
If you think about it, perfumes are part of our lives and are always connected to memories. For example, I've been using the same essence for years, I like spicy tones with the addition of a touch of pepper, and it's nice to know how to recognize a person with the fragrance he uses, to know when he's gone into a room.
There is that of my mother, when she was a child she put Madame Rochas, she loved the intense notes and, when she left, she left her trail in the air.
I also like the smells that characterize a place: when you arrive in India (which is one of my favorite places), for example, the nostrils fill you with spices mixed with burnt wood, an acrid and sweetish smell, unmistakable...
Or the scent of the sea, the saltiness that makes you want to breathe deeply to get inside, or the cut grass that reminds us immediately summer.
I also remember perfectly the smell of the Vespa mixture of a friend of my father who, when I was a child, roamed around Lake Maggiore.
The sense of smell occupies an ancient part of the brain and the processing of an odor depends very much on the knowledge and culture to which we belong.
By sniffing, we trap emotions and memories, in order not to preserve them." Text Antonella Catena - May 21, 2018

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