Calvin Rucker Gossip Folks Dress

Dusty rose, pink, the color of choice by millenials,also defined as the color of 'state of mind'. "A tint that is associated with sweetness, romance, gratitude and elegance. Ma il motivo per cui piace ai millennials è anche che questo è un color gender free. It was already in the 18th century when it was perfectly normal for a man to wear a pink silk dress with embroidery. Only later in the 1950s, thanks to the success of the business world, men began to dress in darkness, and rose became the feminine color in essence and characterized consumer goods destined for them, from caste to automobile. In the 1980s, the blue / pink male / female division became even stronger with the introduction of a whole range of children's products featuring these colors. Today, however, the rose has come back to fashion in the male guadaroba, and so young generations have chosen it as an ideal color without distinction of sex." DI DONATELLA GENTA

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