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The symbolism of stones: precious qualities in everyday life

"Precious or semi-precious stones are also sought-after for have their believe-to-be qualities. Beneficial to our inner energy, they would be even magical according to certain traditions. Discover what the most famous gems are.

The symbolic power of stones

Their precious value aside, stones are synonymous with strength and purity. Offering them is a pledge of love, sincerity and loyalty.

The Diamond

The most precious of stones, invincible and pure.
Its symbol: Purity, resistance, union, perfection, eternal love. Their symbolic virtue: Diamonds bring strength and strengthens unity and commitment. It is also called the stone of reconciliation.
Its legend: Plato evoked from Antiquity the image of a world axis formed by diamonds.

The emerald

Exceptionally valuable, it is fragile and "pleasing to God and people".
It's symbol: True love, happiness but also cosmic vitality, strength and inner happiness.
Emerald's sought-after quality: Trust. Its green color soothes, strengthens the nerves, softens irritations. Therapeutic qualities on the organs of view (scientifically proven).
The legend: Emperor Nero watched the gladiator fights through the green emerald. Ancient myths attribute the emerald to Venus, the goddess of love.


It's name comes from its red color.
Ruby's symbol: Fire. It reflects the courage, the struggle, the love and the divine charity, the vital force, the youth, the passion, the voluptuousness.
Ruby's desirable qualities: It stabilizes emotions and protection. It brings spiritual and physical strength.
Ruby's legend: In Europe, it was placed at the head of the royal crown to commemorate the passion and blood of Christ.

The Sapphire

It is known as a heavenly stone because of its blue color.
Sapphire's symbol: Immortality and purity, wisdom.
Sapphire's sought-after quality: commitment. It brings patience that strengthens the unions. Blue, it repels hatred.
Its legend: The sapphire was also venerated in Rome and in Ancient Egypt as a stone of truth and justice. The Egyptians believed that the sapphire controlled the movement of the stars and called it the stone of the stars.

The Topaz

It's also called the holy stone.
It's symbol: Fidelity. It symbolizes strength and power, incites spiritual development.
Topaz's virtue: It offers inspiration. Its translucent blue color revives the mind and facilitates concentration, helps to overcome obstacles and difficulties, helps solve complicated problems, controls passions.
Its legend: For the Egyptians, the topaz represented Ra, the god of the Sun, donor of life and fertility.

The Amethyst

It is nicknamed the stone of the bishops.
Amethyst's symbol: Purity of the soul, power and happiness, sincerity, humility and wisdom.
It's power: It brings intellectual and psychological balance. It protects against bad thoughts and dishonest intentions. Its mauve color fights against depression and stimulates spiritual development.
His legend: In ancient times, Amethyst glasses were cut to drink the wine from, which avoided the guests to get drunk.

The Garnet

It exists most often in the red color, same as fire and blood.
Its symbol: Consistency, loyalty.
Garnet's power: Energy. it gives safety, develops intuition. Garnet awakens the erotic imagination, it is a sign of love, stimulating creativity and passion.
The legend: In the Middle Ages, it protected the crusaders from the risk of injury. Ancient magic recipes combine garnet with eye drops to make compresses to strengthen the eyes and heal certain conditions.


It is an amulet of virgins and brides.
It's symbol: Success. It is synonymous with strength, control, freshness of mind. For Tibetans, it is heaven and water and brings luck and protection.
It's power: Purification. It protects against accidents and misfortunes by absorbing negative energies. It institutes peace and joy. When turquoise fades, it is because a danger threatens its owner.
Legends about turquoise: It is the first American stone. The Apache chief Geromino possessed a turquoise, which favored his visions. The Aztecs estimated their wealth by their number of turquoises.

The Coral

The one used used in jewelry comes from marine corals.
It's symbol: The force. It is the lucky stone of the Italians.
It's virtue: Coral protects his owner, calms emotions and restores harmony. It awakens love, his red color warms. It fades when the wearer suffers anemia.
Its legend: In Ancient China, coral was a symbol of wealth, privilege and a high social status.

The Pearl

It always evokes something precious, rare and flawless, just like the rose.
Pearl's symbol: Health. Like the Moon, she is a strong symbol of femininity. It reflects sexuality, authenticity and beauty.
Its power: The pearl is used to treat gastric problems and headaches.
Its legend: In the past, it was believed that pearls were the result of the union of sea water and moonlight." aufeminin.com

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