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The art of choosing a bag

"A true fashion accessory, or indispensable holdall, your handbag never leaves you! The bag is always trendy, the men get into it too and carry it over their shoulder. The choice of your bag is very important: tote, pouches, mini bags, clutches, the choice is wide. Give your bag your look, your mood! This year: satchel bag and vintage bag are in the news!

Tips for choosing a bag: the messenger bag

The messenger bag embodies on its own a true partner to all women. The proof: he is on every shoulder. This is THE reference it-bag! It is practical and always very visible. At his side, you adopt a chic and casual look foolproof.

Stars and fashion icons have made their darling and prefer these huge bags to micro size bags! The creators have decided to revive a style that has made a mark in the 20th century. The messenger bag comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. Choose it rather neutral, and avoid the white if your intention is to transport it everywhere!

If you are an active and overbooked woman: the messenger bag is for you. To choose the bag for you, you must be inspired by your own style.

You have a rather chic look: let yourself be tempted by a pretty leather or suede messenger bag in white or cream beige tones.
You are rather retro: you can dare the more flashy colors: fuchsia or electric blue and especially size XXL! This format is trendy and will seduce you with its practical and original side.
You have a vintage look: venture into a colorful printed messenger bag, or opt for the adventurer's bag.
Its advantages: choose a satchel bag in a color that is timeless. It will remains one of the favorite bags of women for its practical side!
In leather, of course!

Tips for choosing tote

A real holdall, but it is so convenient! You can store everything and anything, your laptop, your big makeup kit, your big agenda: it will appeal especially to women who like to keep everything available. And then Monsieur is also happy to put away his little things!

To achieve the desired effect: choose it in neutral colors or downright bright, preferably varnish (it is rather in) and any size! You have to wear it new, impeccable, without additions or customizations.

You are rather rock'n roll attitude: take it in real leather brown or black, and studded to give a touch of originality to your look
You have a chic and casual look at the same time: choose a polished tote bag, take it zipped for practicality!
You are a fashionista: dare the flashy fuchsia leather tote!
You are a true sportsman: let yourself be tempted by a sportswear bag in printed fabric.
Its advantages: you will love the mix between a practical and comfortable bag, and at the same time very feminine.

Tips for choosing a mini bag

The mini bag comes in different shape and color! Prefer it rectangular, oval or round, with a shoulder strap, with one or two handles otherwise without. Refined outfit is required with the mini bag! Wear it over the shoulder, on the shoulder or with your fingers for maximum elegance.

More commonly known as pouches, mini bags, such as an improved wallet, are essential to put the BA-BA of your personal belongings: a little make-up, a small mirror, the blue card, and the laptop. Choose from silk, cotton, wool, leather, polish, printed, with a bow, rhinestones. A whole panel that gives you the free choice to match it with all your outfits.

The clutch with shoulder straps will appeal to women who do want to have their hands free, and prefer to keep their personal belongings as close as possible without the risk of losing them.
For women with more deconstructed style, wrap the handle around the wrist to show you what you are: natural.
Mini bags without strap commonly known as clutch for ladies night! Real weapon of seduction, you will put your wallet along the body in the evening! Fashionable clothes, high-heeled shoes, your wallet: it's guaranteed success!


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